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Payment Details

Firstly we would recommend you contact customer service via e-mail, or through the #numbers provided depending on where you are for account details

To ensure we meet the needs of every customer, we accept a wide range of payment methods from Paypal to Cash app,to google pay to Venmo, to Western Union and ALT Coins. This is to ensure that payments are made at the Convenience of the Customer where he/she/it pays from his couch using the Labelled Accounts. For Security Reasons we accept direct payments Via Credit and debit cards or through direct bank accounts only when Certain standards are fulfilled other wise indirect accounts as labelled above will be provided.

PAYPAL F&F MODE Stands for payments using Paypal services through the Family and Friends mode. This is to avoid any drama from customers. In cases of default or loss suffered by Customers our Return Policy stipulates conditions to be fulfilled to ensure both parties end up happy.

CASH APP  : This is payment using Cash App services. The customer must be registered to the services and should own an ID provided by the service. only then can you use this.

CRYPTO-PAYMENTS: Payments using this services such as BITCOIN  and other ALT coins are encouraged when doing Discrete trading where the Buyer requires complete secrecy of trade made. Using this method of payment usually calls for discrete methods of Transportation. Numerous sites exist through which such such coins can be purchased as BITCOIN ATM and online depending on your country . You must beware of Fraud when buying Crypto-coins online. SAFE LINK TO BUY WITH CARD ONLINE ( BITCOIN  ). Turn on your google location and search “BITCOIN ATM” to locate the closest point around you. UP HOLD


Verify links before using your card. Credit/Debit cards can be used for Instant payments where accepted or can be linked with PAYPAL F&F MODE / CASH APP  / VENMO/ GOOGLE PAY.

Also, It can Cards are also used to buy crypto coins directly . A fast and easy process . SAFE LINK TO BUY WITH CARD ONLINE .

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