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Shipping points and Drop offs

DROP OFFS: This only Happens when customers are close to available dispensary or Distributor (plug). Instant drop offs depending on the Location /time/quantity/nature of product may cost higher on transportation charge.  WEED MAPS

SHIPPING: With the help of trusted partners and agencies, smart buds has been able to achieve a wide rang of distribution channels in the Industry. We deliver to 50 united states ‘states”, IRELAND  , United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and can ship to most but not all of the Asian and European Countries. With help from Agents of Silk road, we drive packages from United states to Canada , to Europe , Asia and parts of Africa to avoid . In Places where Marijuana is not Legalized, we recommend ANONYMOUS deals to ensure safety of consumer but do Encourage all customers to own a Medical Card for safe dealings. Packages could be mailed Via PRIORITY MAIL in case of United States or internationally as INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS . contact us Via WICKR @SMARTBUDSCARTS for further .details on Anonymous deals.

RETURNS: Returns will be made 100% in goods or cash as per customer’s request in cases of default during shipping or drop offs. Tracking Code should always be requested by customers to ensure transparency and enable the customer know the state of his/her/it’s package.

We are not Liable for defaults caused by the absence of a Medical card or other documents which makes consumption illegal. We do supply anyways because we believe in the greater good and the medical power of marijuana products.

6 thoughts on “Shipping points and Drop offs

  1. Hello ,
    Do you send your products to Iran !!?

    1. Hello K1 ,
      Thank you for reaching out. Yes, we do send to Iran.

      1. Hello, do you send your products to North Carolina or South Carolina ?

        1. All the time

  2. Do you ship to GA?

  3. Do u ship to NY

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