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HEAVY HITTERS 2.2G Cartridge

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Min order 10

Diablo OG
Malibu OG
Blue Dream
Strawberry Cough
Pineapple Express
Skywalker OG

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (Min. Order: 1 Ounce)

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Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies: a hybrid cross containing Durban Poison and OG KUSH genetics, is a phenotype of the legendary Girl Scout Cookies strain. Dark green and royal purple hues peek through a heavy coat of crystals, with a sweet minty smell that gives a full explanation of this strain’s name. Thin Mint calls upon the powers of its indica, sativa, and hybrid ancestors for a powerful full-body effect that gives this strain its sterling reputation.

White Fire strain

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Smart Bite Edible

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Tko carts


Available in Multi-Flavors


Buy Thc wax online

14 grams


Soluble concentrate. Warning Extremely High Thc content

Multiple Flavor